Customer Reviews for Release Me

Average Review 5 Stars


“I can only read a couple at a time because they start the tears. They are beautiful though. I’m not much of an expert on poetry but they were very moving. You have a way of bringing the feelings and emotions to the surface.”
-Susan  K.-

“I am a start to finish kind of reader but yours is kind of Dark and very emotional. I started out just ‘reading’ it but realized quickly that I had missed too much and had to re-read them over. I couldn’t and didn’t want to read it all at once.”
-Cheryl E.-

“I really enjoyed reading this book. Most poems in the book I could connect with. Also, it was beautifully written! It was very detailed, and I could picture it in my head while I was reading. Really good work! I can’t wait for another book! And I really love the website easy to navigate and I enjoyed reading the “About the Author”. What a great story of how it all came together! Keep up the amazing work Linda!”
-Lauren D.-

“Great read. Deep and provoking. Each poem begs you to read the next!”

“Contemplation and Companionship for the second half of life when inner rumblings call us toward promptings from the soul. Soul stirring to say the least!”
-Mary ES-

“This book is thought provoking to say the least! A culmination of raw emotion that paints a detailed picture urging you to read more. This author is a hidden gem that effortlessly takes you on an amazing journey that takes your imagination to another level. A must read for all.”

“Very thought provoking.”

“This compilation of poems takes the reader on a very unexpected journey. A must read for anyone who wants to explore the depths of their being. The author has a remarkable way to paint a picture of raw emotions.”

“Very beautiful words. They all meant something to my story.”

Reviews for Save the Sinner

"What I enjoy most is the vividness of the language and the turns of phrases.  Even though "dark" themes are not my personal favorite in terms of subject matter, there is plenty to enjoy and admire -- and above all to respect -- in your writing.

Interesting read. Save the Sinner. A phrase I have heard all my life, Ms. Barrett’s book places another viewpoint into the lexicon. Her poems end with the reader wanting a bit more. More what, is the question within this readers mind. I am caused to think about what I just read. Her prose is just as open ended. ‘Going insane’ was a recollection of the failure of the medical profession to help a struggling soul find peace of mind. ‘Nikolai’ is a dark poem wrapped around a mythical being known as a vampire. Several twists, turns and re-directs. I was impressed with the writers ability to approach difficult and sometimes comical subject matter, with calm, entrancing insight. Shape shifting and gender identities were fluid. This book I have left lying on my desk for several weeks so as to pick it up, read and re-read a selection.
-Belton Wall-

What I like about Linda G Barrett's writing is she is consistently 100% brave, no holds barred, on a level I'm not sure I've ever seen, in any writer. It's amazing stuff, the poems and stories in this book. Very imaginative. I can't do anything but love a book that asks questions like, "Is every sin holy? Or medicated quietly?" The meaning spilling out of lines like those, and they are on every page, is manifold. I'm officially a fan.
-John Vaughan-

Started reading could not put it down. Then found myself rereading many times.
-Happy Customer-